CITYHOTEL - comfortable hotel in Kiev

Are you looking for the best hotel in Kiev Ukraine that would meet all of your expectations and be located right in the center of the city?

CITYHOTEL is just what you are looking for! It is an elegant business hotel that has comfort, style and excellent service! It is located in the very heart of Kyiv city and is within walking distance of the major city sights. Whether you are coming for business or visiting for pleasure and are looking where to stay in Kiev - this hotel can certainly suit your needs!

CITYHOTEL offers some of the best rooms compared to any other hotel in Kiev

CITYHOTEL has got a fine selection of 87 excellent rooms to offer. One can choose a standard compact room which contains a single bed with a comfortable mattress, and MANY other modern accessories, like: an elegant table with a tea-and-coffee set, a bathroom with a shower cabin, a mini-perfume set, central air conditioning, mini bar and TV and, of course, free high speed Wireless Internet. Rooms with double beds are also available. And if that list of accessories is not enough, one could choose the luxury two-room apartment that includes all of the above as well as a mini kitchen of its own plus multiple extra features!

The total area of this magnificent suite is approximately 580 square feet (or 54 square meters) and it, of course, is equipped to the maximum! Whatever is the reason for your coming to Kiev – this room can most definitely fit it! The spacious living room could serve as your own working place during the business hours, or make you feel at home and provide rest and relaxation after a busy working day. The wide windows give you a stunning view, especially in the evening, when Kiev city turns on its lights along with the stars in the sky.The furniture is made from eco-friendly materials and blends perfectly with the soft tones of the living room’s interior.

Now, there also are rooms with double beds available that are no worse than the luxury suite. Everything depends on your personal preference and budget. It is easy to find cheap rooms in Kiev, but finding a room that is the best value for its money is a completely different task. But that is precisely what CITYHOTEL has to offer.

CITYHOTEL offers a wide range of first-class services

The ones that are worth your attention are listed below:

A hotel receptionist would gladly provide you with a full list of guest services.

Location always plays a HUGE role in choosing your best hotel

CITYHOTEL is located in a perfect spot! It is very close to transport interchanges that allow you to quickly get to any part of the city without having to rely on renting a vehicle or using taxi services. That greatly helps to cut down on expenses and makes travelling around the city rather cheap and stress free. If you wish to experience local lifestyle and try out the Kiev underground subway system – hop on the nearest Universitet metro which is just a 5 minute walk from the hotel. The metro can take you to almost any place in the city. But you do not need the use of a subway to get to the very heart of Kyiv city which is Kreschatik street! It is only a 10 minute walk away and is most definitely the center of all main local and tourist activity in Kiev.

Shops, boutiques, various restaurants and markets, musicians and clowns performing right on the street during weekends when the street is closed to road traffic and open to pedestrians - that is all just a small part of all that one could see there. Do remember that Kreschatik also holds an important historic value for Ukraine.

Various places of interest, like the Opera House, the Botanical Garden along with the Golden Gates Memorial and the magnificent cathedrals of Saint Michael, Saint Sophie and Saint Vladimir are all within walking distance of the hotel as well.


But at the same time, CITYHOTEL is located on a small, quiet street providing you the much needed rest after a busy day and also the best circumstances for effective work. Here you are not bothered by any traffic noise or the sound of partying tourists or soccer fans even if you open up the windows at night. Everything is aimed at providing you with a peaceful sleep in a comfortable environment so you could be all charged up with energy for the following day to be cheerful and productive!


CITYHOTEL is highly recommended by many for being one of the best hotels in Kiev Ukraine


CITYHOTEL is proud to be in the top 20 best hotels in Kiev, rated by Tripadvisor! It constantly receives multiple positive reviews from its thankful guests. People praise this hotel for its modest rates and splendid service. Bright and clean rooms and a warm atmosphere makes the guests not want to leave for home and a beautiful panoramic view from the restaurant overlooking downtown Kiev makes them want to come back more and more to enjoy that delightful experience!


CITYHOTEL is the perfect place to come and stay for the duration of your business trip or leisure visit to the capital of Ukraine!