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CITYHOTEL offers guests a spacious and comfortable conference room for an affordable price

If you are coming to Kiev, Ukraine on business and are in need of a facility to hold your conference or any other kind of business meeting, what other place can be better than the very hotel you are staying at? CITYHOTEL is glad to provide an excellent conference room for its guests! The room is spacious, has comfortable seating and is well equipped with the most necessary items for having a productive meeting!

CITYHOTEL conference room in details:

The room has a total area of about 470 square feet (43.5 square meters) and can seat up to 45 people at once. It is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel where you will not be distracted by any unwanted noise. The seats are very comfortable and are placed in a “theater” style. For your convenience, the chairs could be moved around to fit any style of event. The conference room is also connected to a smaller room that can be used during coffee breaks for fellowship and small brunches. That room is about 285 square feet (or 26.5 square meters) and will provide plenty of space for having coffee, rest and mini buffets.

Speaking of food, catering services may also be provided as an additional service at your request. Ordering our catering services is definitely a good idea, since it is not good to do business on an empty stomach. For more information about the catering services, please contact the hotel receptionist.

The rent of the conference room includes:

  • Writing paper and pens
  • A multimedia projector
  • A screen
  • Flip charts
  • And, of course, Free WiFi

Rental prices and working hours:

The CITIHOTEL conference room is available for 600 UAH per hour. But a special deal of 4500 UAH is available to those who rent the conference room for a whole day (as in 8 hours).