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Cityhotel offers quick and reliable transfer services from/to Airport Boryspil

Cityhotel offers quick and reliable transfer services from/to Airport Boryspil

Transfer: Boryspol - Kiev

Imagine this: you are flying into Kiev Ukraine. Everything is new to you. You do not speak the language. You do not have the local currency on you. Taxi drivers offer to give you a lift into the city but their rates are ridiculous and you are afraid to trust them. What if they will rip you off? Or take you to the wrong location? How would you ever explain to them where you need to go, especially if something goes wrong?

Taking a shuttle bus is also a poor option. Airport Boryspil is located 16 kilometers from the Kiev city limits and the bus usually only goes to the first metro (subway) stop. Are you sure you would like to haul all of your luggage on a shuttle bus, then have to get on the local metro and walk to the hotel after already being tired from your long flight?

All of this is such an extra, unnecessary hassle. CITYHOTEL provides an excellent solution by offering its inexpensive transfer services!

Transfer services of CITYHOTEL make travelling easy and stress free

Our transfer team is very professional and has got years of experience in meeting guests at the airport, hosting foreign delegations and such. They are always precisely on time and know the city very well. Even if there is ever a traffic jam, they know how to get around it and get you to your destination in time!

Members of our team will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel in a comfortable, modern car. Various car sizes are available

CITYHOTEL can provide a van or a minibus if many guests are arriving in a group or may provide a car with a spacious trunk if one happens to have extra luggage. Luxury cars are available as well. Everything depends on your personal preference. All you need to do is specify your order while booking. We always strive to adjust to our guests and make their stay as easy and stress free as possible.

Reasons to order transfer services from CITYHOTEL

  • It saves your time and effort in finding yourself a way to get to and from the hotel
  • We adjust to your preferences and requirements
  • We offer comfortable and spacious vehicles, plus vehicles of various sizes
  • Our services are affordable
  • We transfer not only to the airport and back to the hotel but also to any other destination you request, whether it is a VIP meeting, tour of the Kiev city or a drive to any other place in Ukraine

CITYHOTEL offers car rental services

Even though transfer services sound ideal to the average guest and is a perfect solution for most situations, we do understand that at times there comes a need to rent your own vehicle. Renting your own vehicle gives you the freedom of going wherever you want to go without being attached to a driver. This is the time when you can be in complete control behind the wheel and go wherever you please. Do keep in mind though, that you have to have a valid driver’s license, be aware of local traffic laws, and know your way around the city. By request, a GPS can also be provided to help you get around. To find out availability of cars and prices – please contact the hotel receptionist.

City tours

CITYHOTEL is glad to give its guests a tour of Kiev city. Kiev is one of the most ancient and one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine and it is definitely worth seeing. Ancient cathedrals, caves, numerous historic places, monuments – there is just too much to describe in one short paragraph. One can be said for sure – you will not be bored sightseeing Kiev and it is something that is truly worth your time! Experienced tour guides will take you to the most breathtaking places and fill you in on all the history there is to know!

Tours are available for individuals as well as groups. To receive detailed information on tour prices and tour options, please contact the hotel receptionist.

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